A storytelling program about the fabulous deer Kantjil.

“On the periphery of the wood live the little deer Kantjil. He had a great desire: To eat carrots. They grow in the garden of grandpa Kromo. Carrots are his favourite meal. However, the garden of grandpa Kromo is situated at the other side of the wood. In the forest lives the tiger Si Matjan, and Si Matjan is always hungry.”


The storytelling program “Menagerie” tells about the fabulous Kantjil. Kantjil is a dwarfish deer and therefore an excellent lunch for the everlasting hungry tiger. Ever when the Kantjil leaves his den he is pursued and threatened. To avoid being starved out, the Kantjil has to be very smart. The stories in the programme deal with the tricks and snares the Kantjil uses to be smarter then his enemy and be able to eat in peace.

The Kantjil-fables are several centuries old and dates from the time that “the world was still pure and bright, there were no war, no lies and no fraud. The animals in the woods and the animals in the water spoke the same language as mankind.”

The Program

The performance is suitable for an audience from 5 up to 9 years old and their parents and grandparents. It can be performed at schools, community centres, theatres and libraries. The performance will last about 40 minutes.

The program is produced by:

  • Story: Marco Holmer
  • Scenery: Roos Klaasen
  • Photography: Marjan Holmer