Urban and rural legends

A storytelling-program with dutch urban and rural legends

A legend is a true story or a story from which the audience and the storyteller believe that it could have happened. Legends are ful of fantasy and full of tension. Most of the older legends are situated in the countryside, for instance: “the wild hunter” and “the calf with the glowing eyes”. Modern legends come from more civilized places. They are called Urban legends.

Modern legends

In the storytelling programme “Urban and rural legends” tells Marco Holmer some of those modern legends: “the lost corpse”, “the stranger and the old woman”, “the sick old man” and “the madhouse”. Part of them were written by the Dutch author Koos Meinderts.
At the end of the performance is the audience challenged to create their own urban legend.

The Program

This program is suitable for everyone more than 10 years old. It can be performed in schools, theatres and libraries.
The performance will last about 50 minutes.

The program is produced by:

  • Stories: Marco Holmer, Koos Meinderts
  • Scenery: Marco Holmer