Family secrets

A storytelling-program about important “Why”-questions.

The storytelling programme “Family secrets” deal with the fascinating secrets of Aunt Wu, uncle Boekari and grandfather Felipe. The children, the leading men in the stories, try again and again to pursue the adults to tell al those mysterious stories.
But they refuse constantly. “Time to go to bed! Better luck next time!” But the children insist in their search towards the truth. When in bed they dream about the strange objects and musical instruments from Africa, Asia and South America, because all of them play a role in the stories. Together with the audience reconstruct storyteller Marco Holmer the stories which the family-circle tries to hide.
The program is a mix between storytelling and theatre. The storyteller performs all the characters.

The Program

A fantastic program suitable for children, parents, grandparents and all people who are more than 6 years old. It can be performed in theatres, schools, community centres and libraries. The performance will last about 50 minutes.

The program is produced by:

  • Stories: Marco Holmer
  • Staging: Frans de Vette
  • Scenery: Gytha Paulusma
  • Music: Yamboa