Museum of love

A storytelling-program with love-stories of the famous dutch writer Belcampo.

In dutch there is only one word for love: Love! In the world of the “Museum of love” however there exist more types of love: The Love which urge a sacrifice , the love you will lose by, the sellfish love, and the love which steam out of the pores.
In de performance the story is told of the first encounter and the strange love of Casper and Ganja.

The dutch writer Belcampo (1902 – 1990), wrote a number of stories in which love archieve great triumphs. Fantastic and bizarre stories. Modern fairytails without ‘And they lived happily ever after’. The stories will be presented surrounded by artobjects, specially designed for this performance.

The program

De performance “Museum of love” is suitable for adults and teenagers. It can be performed at schools, community centres, theatres and libraries. The performance will last about 60 minutes.

The program is produced by:

  • Text: Belcampo.
  • Adaptation and Performance: Marco Holmer.
  • Staging: Jan van Rossum.
  • Art objects: René Vlasblom.
  • Music: Rino Christ.
  • Scenery: Roos Klaasen.
  • Photography: Marjan Holmer en Aisla van Dijk.
  • Production: Het Verhalenbedrijf, Deventer