The Storyfactory

Welcome at the Storyfactory.

As soon as people meet each other they tell stories: in the pub, at parties, at receptions and of course while using their mobile phones. They tell about beautiful holiday resorts, awful diseases and dream of romantic encounters on sunny beaches. And the listeners hang on their lips and are carried away.

“Storytelling is as universal as life.”, wrote the French literary critic Roland Barthes: “Narrative is simply there, like life itself”. It is an normal expedient in everydays life.

Storytellers are able to move, to pass experiences and to preserve the history of ordinary people. They do that directly, personal and effective. Long before the invention of the world wide web, storytelling was already an interactive and interesting way of communication. Which is proved by the increasing interest in storytelling, in Holland, during the last five years.

The Storyfactory of storyteller Marco Holmer tells stories in the first place. Beside those performances Marco organises courses in the art of storytelling an initiates story-projects and activities.
The storyfactory has the aim to provide storytelling a prominent place in the society.