Marco Holmer Verteller

The Storyteller

Marco Holmer is storyteller, drama-teacher and director.

He tells stories in theatres, schools, homes for the aged, community centres and libraries. A lot of his work takes place in the field of youth welfare work, and education. Marco tells his stories in Dutch, German and English.Marco Storyteller

Marco organises courses of lectures and workshops in storytelling for youth and adults. He is a teacher at the “Writers College” in Rotterdam and the College of Fine Arts in Arnhem.
Marco is one of the founders of the Storytelling Collective Utrecht and the Dutch storytelling foundation: “Stichting Vertellen”. One of his concerns is the promotion of the art of storytelling.

In his work, Marco is fascinated by the crossroad where storytelling, theatre and plastic arts meet each other. His stories arise from trivial events from everyday live, simple objects found in stores or at the flea markets, artwork, and of course a lot of imagination. Marco cooperates with artists from several art-disciplines: musicians, composers, actors, painters and sculptors.

Over the years he created diverse storytelling performances. For instance:

  • “Menagerie”; Fabulous Kantjil stories.
  • “Family secrets”; special stories for children.
  • “My aunt Pilar”; a detective-story for adults.
  • “The purple Pattapouf”; an interactive story for the little ones.
  • “Urban and rural legends”; True lies out of town and countryside.
  • “Hodja in Holland”; Turkish-Dutch stories for adults.