Do you wanna play?

An interactive storytelling-program for the preschool age.

Mirtho is bored. Her mother is only clearing away the furniture, and on the street there are just adults. No one to play with! Everything was better in the neighbourhood she lived before the removal. In this new town everything is boring …
Until a strange letter fells trough the letterbox. For her! Myrtho went on an expedition, to find the sender. Do you wanna play with me?

“Do you wanna play” is an interactive story for the preschool age. Removals, pouring rain, stupid mothers, flowers, letters, and above all things special games, which does not even exist, buildup a framework in which both the children and the storyteller can contribute their ideas to the story. “Who knows a play with an umbrella?”.

The program

The performance is suitable to an audience from 3 up to 7 years old. It can be performed at schools and libraries. The performance will last about 40 minutes.

The program is produced by:

  • Text and performance: Marco Holmer.
  • Scenery: Marja Goddijn and Heiko Balster.